A new class of medication to treat herpes simplex condition

Natural Genital herpes Cure Research study

If natural treatments might really treat herpes virus then the pharma business would suffer great losses (billions and billions of dollars yearly ). In this article we have selected info about truly unique natural herpes cure research study that were performed in the past.

Let's discuss why the majority of individuals would never choose holistic treatments for herpes. A lot of doctors know just about remedies that have FDA approval and that have been studied a lot. And very few people would ever fund holistic remedies study.

Of course, the are plenty of research study proving the advantages of holistic home remedies Watch This Guy Inject Himself With an Untested Herpes 'Cure ... in treating herpes. Yet, there is just not enough medical data to start promoting holistic home remedies to masses.

Now, let's look into some actual herpes studies and make a decision for ourselves whether this is worth using holistic cures.

One of everybody's popular natural herpes remedy is garlic. There were 2 significant research studies: the initial one was conducted way back in 1985 by a medical journal Planta Medica, and the next one during 1992 by Brigham Young University. Each of the researches have actually indicated that garlic is pretty helpful at eliminating genital herpes virus. Those research studies were completed in research laboratories and both of these verified an antiviral impact of garlic against herpes. The 1992 research has actually demonstrated that garlic can eradicate 90 % of herpes microorganism within the first 30 minutes.

A research of L-lysine, zinc and herbal-based items by Southern California University of Health Science involved 30 people, 15 guys as well as 15 women. This displayed a full resolution within 40 % of individuals by the Third day along with in 87 % of people by the Sixth day. Zero negative side effects were produced and the treatment was believed to be entirely reliable.

Honey was also studied and compared to a few of the more favored over-the-counter herpes medicines. There was a study conducted in 2004 called "Natural honey vs. Acyclovir As A Herpes virus Tretament For Recurrent Outbreaks". 16 participators with oral and genital herpes virus were includeded in that study. The results were astonishing. Natural honey helped faster in comparison to Acyclovir in healing outbreaks for 40 % of participators with oral herpes and also 50 % participants with genital herpes. Several of the subjects managed to fully control break outs using honey. No side effects were developed. Not one of the sufferers who were taking advantage of Acyclovir managed to remit herpes simplex virus attack, and 3 of them developed irritating as a negative effects of taking a drug.

Ozone procedure demonstrated really promising end results in curing genital herpes outbreaks and removing the virus from body. Shown below is a list of researches regarding treating herpes with ozone procedure which look at this website can be found on the internet.

One more exciting research study was performed in 1997 with Dept of Biophysics at Johns Hopkins University and included neem. Analyses which were conducted on mices explained that neem can help prevent HSv from reproducing. Researchers were unable to discover how it does work.

Some of the first researches of THC was performed in 1980 by Blevins, RD and Dumic, MP, and indicated that oral herpes and HSV-2 cannot replicate in people tissues when active components of THC were applied to them Herpes scientist injected people with experimental vaccine in hotel room. In 1991 a research study by Specter S. showed information which confirmed that. These final results were as well confirmed in 2004 by a group of specialists from the University of Southern Florida.

As you can notice, each of the research studies mentioned earlier were operated by small teams of scientists, and several only used mices. These experts show that holistic home remedies have a lot more to in comparison to many antiviral medicines. Having 67 % of the people infected with herpes virus, it is really not news that many researchers are concentrating on the advancement of herpes antidote and not the research of natural solutions.

Each of the remedies listed earlier have been around for hundred of years, but they are not well researched, neither these are authorized by FDA. , if you make a decision to use one of these remedies it's recomended to take full responsibility and preferably talk to a medical specialist (possibly an alternative one) about this.


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